Technology Consultancy

Delivering technology consultancy is a much requested form of consultancy for us, especially from marketing teams.

Marketers and business oriented managers often don’t fully grasp the technology essence and this is where consultants of Faces of Content can assist marketers to understand complex technology environments in any content or eCommerce related marketing project.

Enterprise Architecture in an Ultra-Connected World

We assist in creating a vision of interconnected architectures for new (omnichannel) digital platforms with existing core and/or legacy systems to enable strategic business goals and achieve high customer experiences.

We guide digital transformation processes by combining enterprise architecture and roadmap management methodologies, though in pragmatic way. Enterprise architecture shapes business models, processes, platforms, teams and technologies which you need to create value in the current digital world. Roadmaps focus on priorities and feasibility in a risk-friendly environment.

Understanding the business case

We experience that ICT people most of the time don’t fully understand the reasons or motivation why a marketer wants to do a specific marketing project or campaign.

Technology and marketing have no secrets to us. This allows us to provide the following technology consultancy services:

  • Strategic advice – Quick scans

  • Analysis (requirements & functional analysis)

  • Request for information (RFI) & Request for Proposal (RFP) aid & writing

  • Vendor & Technology Selection guidance

  • Framework & concepts

  • Enterprise / Business & Technical Architectures

  • Solution Design

  • Information Architecture

  • Benefit Mapping


Bridging the gap between Business and IT

Faces of Content builds bridges between marketing, business and IT teams. Whether it is your internal IT Department or your external agency or integrator, we assist them in getting a technology message across so that marketing departments understand what is possible (or not).


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